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No other profession can guarantee happiness or specified rise in the career graph rather than escort profession. Do you know why I am happy with my profession? Why this Bangalore escorts is good for me? Some other professions like nursing or any other medical profession are no exception. For ever satisfied professional there is one probably not happy with one aspect or the other of the profession. One of my friend who is working as a nurse has a different story to tell. She started her career as a nurse in Government hospital but the working conditions are not that great. She felt they had their favorites who were given timely bonuses and promotions. Her husband went to work in middle-east and she had to give up the job. When she returned 5 years later, she joined in a private sector. Working in a small nursing home she was happy as they mostly had delivery cases. But then she needed to change again, as the salary was not good, so she opted for private nursing.

This time she was with an old lady who was paralyzed. My friend need to do body massage and other treatments for that lady. She took care of her for 12 hours a day. In the end the family started treating her like a servant, asking her to do kitchen work when the old women used to sleep. She is a nurse, not a domestic servant. So she left the job and currently looking for some other jobs. What we understood with this experience? Nobody is happy with their profession. But here in my case I am very much happy, because with my job I making money every day and enjoying my time with lots of boyfriends. I am not going to attract to my field but simply saying you that I am happy with my Bangalore escorts job.