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It is time you gradually start disrobing her meekly and slowly unbutton her blouse and cast it away. Do not rush to take out her bodice. The breasts bund in the bodice with their half open sensuousness help turning the groom on. Caress her bound breasts with your velvety touch. Let the groom’s finger intrude in the fold of the breast. Press the bride’s nipples by your first ginger and thumb, meekly kneading them. You would definitely feel them getting harder. Now you take your bride’s bodies off. Fondling her open creamy breasts, kiss the bride still harder on her lips by holding her both the breasts in your two hands.

Hot breath would become audible and she would start pressing against the groom’s body. Now the groom puts his hands under the folds of petticoat or skirt and rubs the bride’s buttocks. The line separating the two buttocks is a very sensitive erotic zone in a woman’s anatomy. Caress the line with your middle finger while rubbing the buttocks by your hand. Your other hand should start clutching the Mound. Rub your left hand’s finger in her pubic hairs. By this time your bride would be quite charged to press your shoulders hard by her hands. Guide her one hand to your penis region and let her play with your balls and penis. To be continued..