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I think you have read and understood about me and my specialties. I have explained each and every point very carefully within this website pages and blog posts. As a genuine independent Bangalore escort girl I have my own restrictions. You know well that I am getting hundreds of phone calls every day asking about the service details and availability. I could not serve all the peoples who are trying to connect me with lots of money and other facilities. I can serve maximum one or two peoples in a single day. So I am very careful to choose my escort client.

Money is not the factor that leads me to a good client. I will observe each and every call to find the most luxurious escort client who can give not only the money but also a real feel of security and romance. I will choose those clients who can arrange five or seven star hotels as my meeting place. Those peoples who are looking for genuine girlfriend experience must be ready to give me a genuine feel or experience of real boyfriend. I have to enjoy my life along with my genuine Bangalore escorts services. Please understand my situation and avoid unwanted calls to talk with me.