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Last day one of my friend who is working for a leading financial banking company in Bangalore told me very shocking as well as surprising news related to Bangalore escorts services. As per their studies related to companion services in Bangalore and the total transactions related to all deals in Bangalore is more than 250 million Indian rupees. I feel it was fake information but unfortunately it is true. The basic deals related to Bangalore escorts is starting from ten thousand rupees and end with five to ten lakhs rupees. The highest figures are related to the erotic services of celebrities.

After some time I understood the truth behind it. The total population of Bangalore city is very big and number of escort girls is also a big number so the total deals everyday will touch millions. As an independent escort girl in Bangalore I am not dealing with more than a single client every day. And some days I will be very busy with my jobs. I have already told my clients that I am not delivering Bangalore escorts services to earn money. It is only to enjoy my life with lots of luxury and cute boyfriends.