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Let’s look at the different aspects. Escorts are divided into two parts High class and lower class the so called prostitutes.

The lower class gets away with the very easy deal that they are poor they need money and they have been lured or forced into this business (which might be true), so let’s skip this part and look at the other side if the coin. The high End escorts. The high end escorts grow up in a well to do family. They get all the opportunity and privileges to lead a fairly good life then why do they become escorts???

As rightly said TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH. Most High end escorts love there lavish life. They are not victimized they do it by their own choice. The idea of late night partying, drugs, drinks hits them hard and once they enter they don’t leave. Having intercourse with random men every now and then sounds like a low key affair to them.
Women are made in such a way that they want men to appreciate their beauty, there body, there curves and what not. So when hired by clients these escorts too make use of the opportunity and asks for services which usually gets fulfilled.

One aspect of high end escorts are sugar daddies. Older and rich men hiring younger women for a number of services such as staying with them, going to parties, moving across the globe with just for the cost of good company and the younger blood excitement they gain from them. High end escorts do maintain a certain class and they keep good care of their sugar daddies. Usually in this case the escorts are good looking women who are just not flippant about intercourse.

High end escorts are women with special features and they have no hesitation in flaunting themselves. For example, Victoria secret models are really hot and sexy, there are lot of men (even women) who are willing to have sex with them, and these women are not easy to find one can find these matching beauties in the luxury escort category.

Coming to the intercourse part. It requires mind and soul so the women who is satisfied from all other aspects will surely be willing to provide a great service to her client and will adhere to all his needs. You make a woman happy she will make you happy.

In truth these high end escorts women look and are same women we find dressed in night clubs, passing us on the street, reading books in library or sitting next to us. People seek what they pay for. Men can also satisfy themselves with the low end escorts but seeking satisfaction at different levels makes them seek these high end escorts.

Summing up, a women is first an escort, becoming a professional or low end or forcing herself into this business is totally her choice. It totally depends what they are trying to seek. It could be either there satisfaction, money or the lifestyle they expect to live in.