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The morel side of our country is going to be more western style. But it is true that most of our men in Indian like the western life secretly and talking against the western culture. My experiences are enough to prove the same. Most of my clients are married men who need my service very secretly, and they are trying to be connected for more sessions. Here I am posting a part of an article discussing about the escort services in Bangalore or other major cities of India. I am not ready to say that the points they have discussed is always correct in our culture, better you decide it after reading the next paragraph.

This is a reference to a query of a college going girl seeking advice about her nice friends, nice girls from good families, who are working as call girls in 5 start hotels to earn fast buck. This is a new trend that needs to be addressed at the earliest, as it gradually eats into the moral fabric of our society. That fact is that there is not much of a difference between so-called “good family girls” and others in their attitude towards life. While a couple of decades ago, one couldn’t even think of such things, pre and post marital relationships have became a part of almost woman everyone’s life. Sadly , even some glossy magazines promote such tendencies in the name of “independence” and “sexual empowerment” and “creativity” Needless to say , these woman themselves will have to bear the consequences of their thoughtless actions. I think it is some time the so called liberated who have messed up modern women, were re-liberated again.


  • MichaelSailt

    February 8, 2018

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  • rov resocurce

    August 15, 2017

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